In Februari 2014 Ryan Williams, Leyla de Muynck and myself, have put up the performers group Any Kind Of Creature. By mixing our different disciplines (music, dance, visual art) we create performance-installations.

In 2014 we have made two shows: At The Arrival Of Bloom and Life As It Should Be. Both performances were a tour.

 At The Arrival Of Bloom was a one-man-performance, in which only one audience member at the time could see our show by sitting in a wheelbarrow and being pushed by one guy through the garden of a farm where Het Frisse Moed Festival was being held. The audience would see three little shows that showed the dark side of Spring.

Life As It Should Be was a tour for 15 people at a time who were directed to walk through a building where several rooms were transformed into deepsea scenarios, in which the audience had to enter and witness different ocean scenes. A voice-over was telling through speakers a dairy of a teenager about her world-travel. It was performed during the Antwerp Fringe Festival. 

See here a review on Life As It Should Be when performed on the Antwerp Fringe Festival.

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